Help us spread joy in unexpected places.

become a getsomejoy. ambassador

Our goal is for everyone to have the tools they need to be great. GetSomeJoy aims to spread joy and promote wellness.

We need you to help us spread joy. We’re building a nationwide database of therapists/counselors and mental health practitioners, and local agencies and organizations that provide housing, education, career, financial assistance, support for substance or alcohol abuse and eating disorders, and so forth.┬áPlus, wellness-themed events and other local opportunities to moisturize one’s spirit and get some joy.┬áThese resources will be available via the Wellness Hub on, via customized results on, through partner communications, and wellness widgets that will live on partner websites. We need a mighty army to help us find these tools for greatness in every city where people are peopling so we can all be our best selves in the fight against wackness. So. Do you want to get down with the squad? We will connect you with our GetSomeJoy Ambassador Coordinator to get you all set to help us spread some joy.