Self-Care Check-In with Toni Blackman (Part One)

Self-Care Check-In with Toni Blackman (Part One)

Team GetSomeJoy stopped by Basquiat’s Bottle in Brooklyn to talk about self-care, ciphers, women in hip hop, and joy with educator, artist, and the first U.S Hip-Hop Ambassador, Toni Blackman.

For the first part of her Self-Care Check-In, Toni—creator of Rhyme Like A Girl and the Freestyle Union Cipher Workshop—gives us some insight into how she’s balancing her personal care with preparing to take the cipher back to Africa, where it all began.



Stay tuned (and subscribe to our Self-Care Check-In of the Week Newsletter) for Part Two of our Self-Care Check-In with Toni Blackman.

How about you? How’s would you rate your self-care right now on a scale of 1-10? Check in and join the conversation on our Community Check-In page.

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