Self-Care Check-In with Synitta Walker: “NOT TODAY, SATAN”

From Synitta Walker, Editor of The Extraordinary Negroes

Los Angeles, Ca

On a scale of 1-10, my self-care is about 7.5. I’ve been making myself be still instead of consuming my every waking moment with BUSY.

At this moment, I’ve narrowed down my stressors to two categories: NOT TODAY, SATAN and BREATHE, THEN ADDRESS. This is what I’m doing well right now because it’s helping me to manage my diabetes so that I stay out the heart attack/stroke zone. It also allows me to prioritize what’s truly important and what can be completely removed from my plate of life.

What I want to do better is implement more exercise into my daily life. I used to love working out and it’s another way to eliminate bad stress. I’m also looking for more effective ways to center myself through meditation. My brain stays in Overdrive at a million miles a minute and if I can slow down the mental side of things, I think it will add to my overall self-care.

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