Self-Care Check-In with Stacia: “Loving myself more…”

Self-Care Check-In with Stacia: “Loving myself more…”

…I’d give myself a “7” — and that’s a big change from the “5” I’d have given myself just a year ago.  Back then, well-being and balance were on the backburner as I worked hard and not smart. Now, I eat more balanced and fulfilling meals, I move my body often, I delegate more and ask for help, and I take time to slow down and sit still. Most importantly, I no longer jump to do a task until the idea of it brings me ease. In essence, I spend more time living slowly and loving myself more deeply…

Stacia Yearwood is an unabashedly curious writer, filmmaker, and educator from the beautiful twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. With a penchant for literary and literal rambling, she divides her time between storytelling and scanning cyberspace for the next travel opportunity. She is the curator of the travel blog Paper Passages and founder of the empathic writing service I Hope This Message Finds You Well.



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