Self-Care Check-In with Henry Danner: “Photography has opened up a world of possibilities…”

Self-Care Check-In with Henry Danner: “Photography has opened up a world of possibilities…”


From Henry Danner, Senior Program Manager, Connecting Youth Initiative, Columbia University

Brooklyn, New York

How would you rate your self-care at the moment on a scale of 1-10?

I would rate my self-care a 6 at the moment. I rate it a 6 because I do actively acknowledge the importance of my self-care and a take part in activities that contribute to improving it.

What are you doing well for you?

One thing I am doing well is making time for one of my newly-found passions: photography. I have been focusing more on how to use this passion as a tool for self-discovery, reflection and social connectivity. Photography has opened up a world of possibilities and has forced me to see things through a different lens, literally!

What could you be doing better or differently?

I think I could be doing a better job of making more time to spend with my family. After my recent relocation from the Bronx to Brooklyn, I do not get to see my family as much and family time is a big aspect of my self-care plan. I know there are only 24 hours in a day, but I think that I could be figuring out how to use them in a way that is more inclusive of this aspect of my life.

More Henry: Instagram | Columbia University Office of Government & Community Affairs Page

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