Self-Care Check-In with Elvin: “I need my time to be a hermit…”

How would you rate your self on a scale from 1 to 10?

I’d rate my self-care at a solid 8.5 right now. That’s an improvement from being between a 3-6 earlier this year, but I’m in the middle of a 2-week staycation/vacation specifically intended as a mental break from the amount I’ve (over)committed to this year.

What are you doing well for yourself right now?

I’ve done well in deciding to be actively protective of my time and made it a priority to schedule in time for personal interests and in some cases, for doing nothing. I’m a mild-mannered and relatively quiet person but have cultivated a particularly strong sense of self with a passion for a wide variety of things in the arts and sciences. When I find myself feeling constantly “at work” and not, at least some portion of the time, “at play” it begins to affect my overall mood subconsciously. I need my time to be a hermit and just immerse in the things that bring me natural excitement and get my brain stimulated. Sometimes that means being proactive about blocking an endless list of creeping responsibilities.

What could you be doing better?

Balance and Focus. I think I tend to either work too much or play too much, as weirdly funny as that sounds. Finding a balance between work and play that allows me to feel like I’m progressing in life but not missing out on enjoying the current moment has been hard for me. Being disciplined and proactive enough about my day-to-day has been an ongoing effort, but I could definitely improve. Slowly, I’m organizing myself and making more frequent decisions about what to commit to and sticking to them then shifting focus to the next goal with a brief period to appreciate milestones reached. “Progress, not perfection” as I’ve seen it said.

— Elvin M. (Follow on Twitter: @wolfxxi)
Brooklyn, NY

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