Self-Care Check-In with Christina: “Practicing yoga…”

Self-Care Check-In with Christina: “Practicing yoga…”

I give myself a 6.5.

I recently switched up my daily routine so that the first few hours of my morning are dedicated to self-care such as practicing yoga, working out at the gym, taking my probiotics, and eating a balanced breakfast.

As a reminder, I posted a sticky note on my bedroom mirror that lists 17 ways that I can “Vibrate Higher Daily” (Credit: Lalah Delia) mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It’s almost 7 p.m. and I’ve done five of these things so far. I plan to do five more *fingers crossed* before the day is over (some things are optional for when I’m incredibly stressed i.e. soaking in a hot bath and journaling my frustrations away).

What could I be doing better? More of the essential daily things like going to the gym… I haven’t been in weeks!

— Christina Sturdivant Sani (@SeeSturdi)
in Washington DC

 Photo credit: India Kea

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