GetSomeJoy Joins The WeWork Harlem Community

GetSomeJoy Joins The WeWork Harlem Community

As one of our aims is to work with other folks making making and spreading joy, we decided to become members of WeWork Harlem community to connect, work, and grow with other creators, businesses, and organizations looking to do dope things.

This new direction follows our successful “Wine & Words” event in November 2017, where we brought folks together for an intimate mixer situation exploring mental and emotional wellness through candid conversation, merriment, and readings.

Here’s the piece Alex read at “Wine & Words”: “On Trying To GetSomeJoy While Trying Not To Die

Team GetSomeJoy is hyped about establishing our presence in WeWork Harlem to have space to build GetSomeJoy to its highest potential, host events, and connect with other dreamers.

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