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Self-Care Check-In with Tianna Avery: “…Never hesitate to ask for help from anyone…”

From Tianna Avery, college student

Northfield, Minnesota

How would you rate your self-care at the moment on a scale of 1-10?

In terms of self-care, I would give myself a solid 5.

What are you doing well for you?

I think I have a good awareness of all the things I should start doing to start thriving, which I see as simultaneously beneficial and overwhelming.

What could you be doing better or differently?

There are lots of things that come to mind when I think of what I could be doing differently, including (but not limited to) building a healthier relationship with food, having a better sleep schedule, taking my medicine/supplements more regularly, spending more time outside and cleaning/organizing the space around me.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care to me means taking conscious steps to make sure my mind and body are nourished, active, and energized.

What are some things students can do to thrive at school?

I think for students to better thrive at school, they should take time to reflect on at least one thing they need and work hard to not compromise themselves on that thing. They should also be aware of their resources and never hesitate to ask for help from anyone (friends, professors, deans, other staff, healthcare providers) whenever they may need it. (Two things that are easier said than done, I know.)

What are you doing to get some joy these days?

For me, I know spending time with friends and getting more sleep will rejuvenate me, and there comes a time every term where taking a break and spending more time indulging in those things is more important than all of my other responsibilities. Making time for hobbies is also important to me! I have been getting back into knitting and playing guitar lately and seeing myself progress on both of those fronts is fulfilling.

Oh, hey. Behind the scenes, we’re in the midst of pulling together this entire self-care check-in situation. We’re building a database of resources to help you facilitate wellness at home, school and work. We’re also working with community partners to create Self-Care Check-In™ Experiences in unexpected places.

We’re excited. We look forward to involving you in this initiative and to lead with a new posture that highlights expressions of compassion and love for ourselves and for our communities.

Team GetSomeJoy.

Let’s season the conversation.

Stories prompt reflection of our individual identities and thrust us unto foreign landscapes of new worlds and perspectives. 

Let’s traverse these new worlds together, exchanging more of our authentic stories with the intention of broadening our understanding of one another, and becoming dangerously unselfish within our beloved communities. 

SELFCARECHECKIN.COM is a safe and secure place to tell it like it is, and to inspire your creativity.

More to come…

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