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GetSomeJoy brings a Self-Care Check-In Experience to Sylvia’s 56th Community Soul Food Breakfast

This week, Team GetSomeJoy took to the streets to spread joy via a Self-Care Check-In Experience at Sylvia’s 56th Community Soul Food Breakfast.

To celebrate their 56th anniversary and show gratitude to the folks who’ve helped them remain a global landmark, Sylvia’s Restaurant continued the tradition of offering free breakfast, fellowship, and live music to the beloved residents of Harlem World.


Madame Sylvia Woods made the rain stop so the people could enjoy majestic smothered chicken, creamy grits, cranberry biscuits, and orange juice, and get more joy with the help of:

While greeting folks pon the sidewalk, we had them pause to take a pause for the cause with our Self-Care Check-In:

  1. How would you rate your self-care right now on a scale of 1-10?
  2. What are you doing well for you?
  3. What could you be doing  better or differently?

Shoutout to this woman, who gave rated her current self-care situation at a 10 because she’s been in the gym every morning for years:

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‘Twas a beautiful morning. Photos by Mario Starks.


But that smothered chicken, though.


Janice Marie and Friends helped get the party started…


…and helped bring more hungry souls to the yard.



The Swagga Jumpers came to show us that double dutching is not dead.



Zero games being played, folks.



Radical Revolution Clothing Co. “provides you with stylish fashions of our ancestors, adds cultural substance to your character and empowers you to spread the knowledge learned, therefore, making you a Revolutionary!”



Young Maxtin (and his mom, Nikea) helped us do Self-Care Check-Ins with folks on the street, distribute Self-Care Check-In Wallet Cards, and explain how to bring a Self-Care Check-In Experience to their workplace or school.


Meet Maxtin, the youngest member of Team GetSomeJoy



More photos from the morning available on the Sylvia’s Restaurant Facebook Page.

We also had an insightful conversation with Sylvia’s Director of Operations Taniedra McFadden about her self-care, how Sylvia’s Restaurants has remained “the world’s kitchen” for five decades, the importance of the 56th Community Soul Food Breakfast, and what she’s doing to get some joy. Taniedra’s gem-filled interview is coming soon to


How about you? How would you rate your self-care right now on a scale of 1-10? Check in and join the conversation on our Community Check-In page.

Learn how to bring a Self-Care Check-In Experience to your school or workplace here.

Oh, hey. Behind the scenes, we’re in the midst of pulling together this entire self-care check-in situation. We’re building a database of resources to help you facilitate wellness at home, school and work. We’re also working with community partners to create Self-Care Check-In™ Experiences in unexpected places.

We’re excited. We look forward to involving you in this initiative and to lead with a new posture that highlights expressions of compassion and love for ourselves and for our communities.

Team GetSomeJoy.

Let’s season the conversation.

Stories prompt reflection of our individual identities and thrust us unto foreign landscapes of new worlds and perspectives. 

Let’s traverse these new worlds together, exchanging more of our authentic stories with the intention of broadening our understanding of one another, and becoming dangerously unselfish within our beloved communities. 

SELFCARECHECKIN.COM is a safe and secure place to tell it like it is, and to inspire your creativity.

More to come…

Text ‘Hey’ to 741741

GetSomeJoy has partnered with Crisis Text Line so that our community can text to 741741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor 24/7.

More resources coming soon:


A community who cares together, deserves to be rewarded together.

Stay tuned as we introduce GetSomeJoy Rewards featuring deals and discounts from amazing vendors who support self-care and our conscious care movement. These rewards are exclusively offered to members of GetSomeJoy.

Self-Care Check-Inis produced by GetSomeJoy.

Coming soon.

Sponsor Self-Care Check-In Experiences in unexpected spaces.


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