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Alex to speak on lupus, self-care, & joy in healing at the Peninsula Lupus & Fibro Support Group in September

On Saturday, September 22nd, Alex is returning to the hospital where he was diagnosed and hospitalized with lupus as the featured speaker at Social Butterflies Peninsula Lupus Support Group‘s monthly meeting. He will be discussing his family’s lupus journey, self-care & mental/emotional wellness for folks with lupus and their communities, and the importance of joy in healing. Aaaaand he’ll talk about how all of that lead to GetSomeJoy.

Good times.

If you’re Hampton Roads, join Alex, other folks living with autoimmune diseases, and their communities at Sentara Careplex Hospital at 3000 Coliseum Drive, Conference Room D, in Hampton, VA 23666.

For more information, head to My Social Butterflies or contact

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Oh, hey. Behind the scenes, we’re in the midst of pulling together this entire self-care check-in situation. We’re building a database of resources to help you facilitate wellness at home, school and work. We’re also working with community partners to create Self-Care Check-In™ Experiences in unexpected places.

We’re excited. We look forward to involving you in this initiative and to lead with a new posture that highlights expressions of compassion and love for ourselves and for our communities.

Team GetSomeJoy.

Let’s season the conversation.

Stories prompt reflection of our individual identities and thrust us unto foreign landscapes of new worlds and perspectives. 

Let’s traverse these new worlds together, exchanging more of our authentic stories with the intention of broadening our understanding of one another, and becoming dangerously unselfish within our beloved communities. 

SELFCARECHECKIN.COM is a safe and secure place to tell it like it is, and to inspire your creativity.

More to come…

Text ‘Hey’ to 741741

GetSomeJoy has partnered with Crisis Text Line so that our community can text to 741741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor 24/7.

More resources coming soon:


A community who cares together, deserves to be rewarded together.

Stay tuned as we introduce GetSomeJoy Rewards featuring deals and discounts from amazing vendors who support self-care and our conscious care movement. These rewards are exclusively offered to members of GetSomeJoy.

Self-Care Check-Inis produced by GetSomeJoy.

Coming soon.

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