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Alex leads a Youth Mental Health First Aid Training for the NYC Mayor’s Office

Last month, Alex was selected by the New York City Mayor’s Office to join a team of trainers from the Department of Health and Human Hygiene to train over 2,000 Department of Education employees. While courses were led across the city, Alex and his DOHMH co-facilitator Esther trained a diverse group of administrators, teachers, and support staff at The High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan.

Youth Mental Health First Aid is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring citizens how to help an adolescent (age 12-18) who is experiencing a mental health or addiction-related challenge or is in crisis.

Alex became certified as a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor earlier this year, after becoming a nationally certified Adult MHFA Instructor last year. He wrote about that transformative experience for Very Smart Brothas.

Previously, he led courses for members of the Adhikaar Community Center in Queens and for research and outreach staff from the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

Alex leading an Adult MHFA course at Adhikaar for members of the Nepali-speaking community.

GetSomeJoy Joins The WeWork Harlem Community

As one of our aims is to work with other folks making making and spreading joy, we decided to become members of WeWork Harlem community to connect, work, and grow with other creators, businesses, and organizations looking to do dope things.

This new direction follows our successful “Wine & Words” event in November 2017, where we brought folks together for an intimate mixer situation exploring mental and emotional wellness through candid conversation, merriment, and readings.

Here’s the piece Alex read at “Wine & Words”: “On Trying To GetSomeJoy While Trying Not To Die

Team GetSomeJoy is hyped about establishing our presence in WeWork Harlem to have space to build GetSomeJoy to its highest potential, host events, and connect with other dreamers.

GetSomeJoy joined the Greater Harlem & Greater NY Chambers of Commerce

We want to partner with businesses, schools, and organizations to spread joy in unexpected places and promote wellness out in the NYC community and beyond. To make more magic and have some deeper connections with folks across the city and state who can help us spread more joy, we joined the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce & the Greater New York Chambers of Commerce.

We even went to our first Greater NY Chamber of Commerce networking breakfast and met and shared the GetSomeJoy gospel with folks from all over the place.

GetSomeJoy will be popping up at events for both Chambers of Commerce this summer and fall.

Stay tuned.

Our 1st Twitter Chat on Self-Care & Suicide

Given the outpouring of stories and reflections following the deaths of Anthony Bourdain & Kate Spade and the anniversary of Kalief Browder’s death by suicide, we hosted a Twitter chat about self-care and suicide.

We wanted to give folks a space to talk about how they’re taking care of themselves, their experiences with suicide, ways to engage their friends/families/partners/peers in their wellness situations, and how they get some joy and stay hopeful in unjiggy times.


See all the goodness that went down right here.

Follow us on Twitter at @GoGetSomeJoy to join the the next one.

Oh, hey. Behind the scenes, we’re in the midst of pulling together this entire self-care check-in situation. We’re building a database of resources to help you facilitate wellness at home, school and work. We’re also working with community partners to create Self-Care Check-In™ Experiences in unexpected places.

We’re excited. We look forward to involving you in this initiative and to lead with a new posture that highlights expressions of compassion and love for ourselves and for our communities.

Team GetSomeJoy.

Let’s season the conversation.

Stories prompt reflection of our individual identities and thrust us unto foreign landscapes of new worlds and perspectives. 

Let’s traverse these new worlds together, exchanging more of our authentic stories with the intention of broadening our understanding of one another, and becoming dangerously unselfish within our beloved communities. 

SELFCARECHECKIN.COM is a safe and secure place to tell it like it is, and to inspire your creativity.

More to come…

Text ‘Hey’ to 741741

GetSomeJoy has partnered with Crisis Text Line so that our community can text to 741741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor 24/7.

More resources coming soon:


A community who cares together, deserves to be rewarded together.

Stay tuned as we introduce GetSomeJoy Rewards featuring deals and discounts from amazing vendors who support self-care and our conscious care movement. These rewards are exclusively offered to members of GetSomeJoy.

Self-Care Check-Inis produced by GetSomeJoy.

Coming soon.

Sponsor Self-Care Check-In Experiences in unexpected spaces.


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